Our Vision
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Spirit, Truth, and Liberty Ministries, International
The vision of STLMI is dual in nature; we seek to provide a holistic approach that
l ministers to persons from the cradle to retirement years. Moreover, STLMI
seeks to establish entrepreneurial opportunities and provide employment for its
congregants and the citizenry of the Chattahoochee Valley and its surrounding

Gods Master Plan for this vision will include a seven-phase campus:

A Music and Cultural Affairs Center (#1) will become the first facility erected
on the STLMI Campus. The Center will seek to preserve the performing arts, i.e.,
dance, spoken-word, and song. Not only will the Center provide a venue to
showcase these arts, but it will also offer private/studio instruction to cultivate and
develop the talent within the church, as well as, throughout the community. The
Music and Cultural Affairs Center will also serve as the temporary Sanctuary until
phase seven is complete.

The Child Development Center (#2)
The Child Development Center will provide a developmentally appropriate
educational program for children 0 months through 5 years of age. The planned
curricula will offer an appropriate balance of individual and group experiences
designed to promote creativity, self-esteem, language development, cognitive
skills, physical growth, and social-emotional skills.

Academy, Gymnasium & Aquatic Center (#3)
The Academy will provide an interdisciplinary approach to the teaching of reading,
writing/literature, math, social studies, religion, science, art, music, and
multicultural studies in grades K - 8.

Enrichment clusters, utilizing the Renzulli model, will allow our instructors to
provide programs and services designed to challenge the highest level of learning
and creativity in our students.

Our comprehensive curriculum will prepare our students for their transition into
the continued development of STLMI” academy’s secondary college-prep

The Gymnasium and Aquatic Center will house the physical education and
swimming classes for the academy students and provide recreational sporting
events and classes for congregates and the community at large.

Assisted Living for the Elderly (#4)
The assisted living facility will provide a home-like residential atmosphere for
aging adults. Meals and supportive services such as personal care, medication
management and household chores will be provided on a 24-hour a day basis.

Conference Center (#5)
will provide lodging and ancillary services i. e., wellness center, beauty and barber
salons, boutiques, and bookstore, as well as offer a venue for meetings and
conventions for the church and the community.

Banquet Hall (#6)
will house a commercial kitchen that will serve as the central distribution center
for all meals on the STLMI campus. The banquet facility will also provide an
elegant dining venue for family, community, social and business functions.

Sanctuary (#7)
The seventh and final structure to complete the Campus will be the 5000 seat
STLMI Sanctuary. The final structure will also house the Church and
Administrative Offices, a conference room, bridal and party facilities, a fellowship
hall, choir rooms, class rooms, and a kitchen.